Busiest time of year for UK Backline Hire – Spring Tours head in to Summer Festivals.

We are here to help, amidst the madness!

It’s nice if your back line rental has been ordered for months, but we know that schedules change, and the best of plans can need last minute orders to cover last minute changes.

Please call, email, text or PM us for anything you think we can help with. If we can’t cover it ourselves, we will always try to point you towards somebody that can sort it for you.

Whether you need a drum kit, because you thought the venue had one (but it didn’t), or your guitar amp has blown up, and you need a quick spare, give us a call. I hope we can make the whole touring experience a little bit less chaotic, so there’s more time to enjoy it!

Here are some recent additions to our hire stock that might fit your needs:

Tama Starclassic Drum Kit – Bubinga

Looking for a bit more low end, fat sounds? Then Bubinga might be for you!

Zildjian 24K Light Ride

Big Rides are hot right now! Gonna be seeing some 26” on Riders soon I reckon.

Nord C2D Organ

Clavia Nord are the market leaders in modelling synth keyboards. This Organ gives you “those” sounds, that you want.

Mesa Boogie Lonestar Classic Guitar Combo

Mesa Boogie have been the consistent high end guitar and bass amp manufacturer for decades. The Lonester Classic is a beauty.

Ampeg SVT VR Bass Amp


Just a bit more mellow and laid back than the Classic or 2s. Sometimes tone is more important than volume, we think.

If you would like to rent full touring back line, or any musical equipment hire, please get in touch. We’re here to help.

Have a great Summer!